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feet nine 8 inches tall . from glendale, arizona. ladies and gentlemen, he is the former ufc light weight champion and rain defending ufc light weight champion of the world benson henderson. [ applause ] >> gentlemen protect yourself at all times and follow my being centerses and make it a clean fight. touch. >> they are the two best fighters in the world. firefighter scheduled for five minute rounds. herb dean our referee.
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henderson and diaz. here we go. tonight's fight is brought to you by quinten chain in theaters. christmas day. >> two so far. he's going to do exactly that i believe. benson henderson is a pressure time fighter and nathan diaz a black belt and brazilian jiu-jitsu . attacking the legs of about benson and clenching and and henderson a third degree brown belt jiu-jitsu under the trainer john. they work in a clinch.
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short little bunches by diaz. solid kneese by diaz as well. he's good in that position. he hey try. but benson is -- as we talked about in the studio. benson tunk away from the potential throws . nice knee of the body by benson and got the heel in the shin . he's going to bend nate over and crush him and drowndrag hym down . pulling down the hed . one of the training partners. they believe he with take nate down and beat him up.
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>> double hook again here . good take down defense by diaz. >> diaz in the clinch position and again with another one there. diaz crumbles underment and nice use of the body by diaz. nate keeps happen incredible pace. goodbye diaz and he holds the record with 238 strikes and labeled against saroni in december of 2011. and another leg kick and nice take down. you have to watch nathan dizza. i wonder if benson will step away. no he's in position.
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nate trying to get back and he is up. that is one big fighter benson henderson. especially with the legs. he looks like he could be playing on sunday afternoon. >> nick and nate diaz have incredible conditioning and they are triathletes and benson henderson is leaning on nathan trying to take it away. again with the leg kick and low . it was a nice trip . rolling under and good shot to the head by benson. that is the trick that he used a
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second ago. he looked to trick him there. he used to sweep to get him down. both men with the clinch. joe, nate would like a little distance to get the boxing going. >> he would. that is the same benson when he can land the legs. he is avoiding the distance and nice combee . avoiding the distance and lands his own leg kick. thoyce couple early from henderson may have done dag to nate diaz and paying dividends for the champion. fight californied for five, five minute rounds here on fox.
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>> his older brother nick in the corner said to nate diaz back him up. john crouch immediately said you know why he's talking. you know why he's talking because you are getting the better of him. use the leg kicks and set it up with your hands first. >> nate would talk even if he was winning . >> the diaz brothers. psychological warfare. fell prey to it >> it is a nice take down by henderson . this is shot to the head. hend hind would like to get it. and a vicious knee to the body
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by the champion. henderson 5-0 and went the distance . it is it 5 fights and the last two. 25 minute fights. knees by the champion as well from cunder garten to high school. benson henderson lives miles away from key arena in federal, washington. for the champion it is going according to plan. >> when nate just hasn't been able to establish that boxing distance and get off his combination to do damage. and we have seen in the past, a great example is rory mcdonald fight. big over powering wrestlers that
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had success nate diaz. >> rory is way bigger than benson or nate. this is a ridiculous match up for nate. oh, nice eldbow by benson over the top. this is it where ben wants to be. in a boxing match and benson is it moving and slighting side to side and backing up and look at the lead leg of nate diaz. because of the kick. he's having a tough time getting the punches going. a difficult time . again . he's going for the low leg kick that is it past the calf. look at wrestlers, -- against diaz. len career wins in the octagon.
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he's becomely grown up here in the ufc. and again, now he's throwing a quick punch on the leg. >> he jabbed his knee a moment ago and again . he keeps doing it >> that's crazy . that's why he did it he went low high and then -- and trying to get and look out for his and nate is back . 90 seconds on the clock here in round twompt and nate trying to get up to to speed.
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he's done in several times. double underhook by the champion and when he does that. nate try to cross his legs over. and pop him. and 60 seconds on the clock. and yeah. he's trying to do that. but he's up on the right side of his face is nate diaz . and there it is. that is. he nailed it. 30 seconds and henderson out though.
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and again with that low leg kick from the champion. nate quick stance here . because of the leg by the champion . round two complete .
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>> the champions, the challenger gilbert men endez . you are live on your feet. richard perez long-time boxing coach said you have to throw your punches. third round. there is that quick again. over and over again. significant strikes landed and a significant difference.
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>> throwing the side kick now. >> he is a black belt. >> nate is stumbling a bit on that leg. >> oh. a dedicated martial artist and benson henderson. and nate diaz, the lead hook and big take down. third take down of the fight for benson. nate attacking the leg. it is it a big shot by benson. and nate on top. you said before the fight that the kicks would be a significant difference and they have been. it is huge and completely taking
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away the mobility. nategoing for a full guard here . trying to get high in the shoulder. henderson has gone five full rounds four times. to. nate is trying to go for rib control . trying to control one of the ribs . lock down been arm . nice kick in the legs byinate . every time he gets something going nate is on top . take him and beautiful job for
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nate . henderson needs to be careful what his next move . it is a hook. and whoso got the better position. nate does . nope, now henderson he's got a hook n henderson looking for his first submission. >> what a made scramble. diaz so tough to finish. >> attacking the leg . diaz wrapped tup. not high enough on the thigh . it is it the right leg needs to be higher on the side to control that need more .
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benson knee slid past . not in danger. just trapped. >> it is still a dangerous game though. it is getting closer . that is a -- he needs his. henderson's out . what a great battle. [ applause ] diaz said he's okay. and side control. nate rolling under again for a leg lock and he head to be able're careful with the purches. you are committing two arms and
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one leg to attack and you lose your ability to get the punches x. and you have your opponent in an acward angand he will the knee is too high. elbow to the body. 15 seconds on the clock in the third round. snatinate diaz is set to go to the fourth round. we continue to battle on fox.
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♪ ♪ ♪ if fourth round for the first time ever for nate diaz and championship rounds. benson, his trainer said focus and active and pass his guard and finish this fight.
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five fight winning streak for henderson all in the octagon. thry straight wins for diaz all since returning from 155. >> another knee . and the take down . nate defends that second hook and he will roll under. he is so powerful. he's done an excellent job of preparing for nate diaz. he's studied tapes and this time in side control and nate again
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gives up the back . he's led by john crouch and hie his great friend and the great members in glendale, arizona. he is according to game plan >> he's got a dangerous and tricky opponent and doing a fantastic job and nate diaz is in the fight especially here he is trying to tarks tack . drops him down and try to come on top . this is it a big shot from benson. >> biggest thing benson did he took down the boxing of diaz. >> he did that with the powerful legs and outwrestling him in the fourth and drags nate diaz in
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the unenemy territory. >> it is it the second career title fight. >> it is it the body. and reached the midway point of the fourth round. and hear benson is on top in half - guard . both men are in incredible condition . nate trying to lock up that arm. use for an arm block. and he tries to attack you will see him left that hand up .
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henderson is too big and trong and the damage done to nate as well by the champion . high's really attacking well to the body. >> leg on the feet and the body on the ground. and it is over -- the half is over . got to look out for that and leg and training it out and turning and one minute left.
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and that is six inch reach advantage. they haven't utalized it by diaz. he punishes the legs. i never seen anybody punch. nate trying to call him in. you can't call him in. you have to grab him. 15 seconds. back up. and right away he does that. that is the fifth and final round. champion benson henderson and his trainer john crouch.
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number else marries. you are way out . so keep doing what you are doing. you are winning every position. he's looking for desperation and take him down. this is the time . that low kick bring it out . here it is that leg kick. he landed a low leg kick and now punching the thigh here . he goes over the top . sets him up for that that is a right hook that drops him. [ applause ] what a great crowd tonight . card on fox. it is a home game. nate diaz, looked at by the
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doctor. and yesterday it is it the way he came in with his seattle sonics jersey. fifth and final round. again, the punch to the side. >> he's done such a good job of limiting the movement of nate with the kicks and taking the boxings out of the equation. this is the least amount of the punches we have ever seen nate diaz and we are talking about a five-round fight. >> he landed a 78 punches compared to the record of 237. >> yeah, they are standing up
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and it is it boxing position . and significantly less than in other fights. 7 take dounce for henderson. fifth and final round. light wait championship on fox . henderson in the corner. >> nate diaz has to realize by this point in the fight. woah. big plan and calling for it and he slams him instead. nate has to realize that the only way to is to submit him. but he has and didn't see that
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coming. henderson looking to finish the fight here in the fifth again. more grounding. the kick and wrestling of benson henderson. that my friend is it dominance and benson henderson has hit diaz more than he has been hit in the career. significant strikes and landed by henderson 123.
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engineers it looks here like nate is trying to hold on. and the right arm of benson. he has it fairly deep here. it is not going to work on his back here. he's got to get back up on his feet and get leverage and let go of that arm to do. it. punishing shots to the body again. 1:45 in the title fight. >> he's trying it again. he keeping reaching for . this is a matter of the championship better in the clinch and stronger. >> big yer strong and keep it in his game plan. heria avoided all submission attempts and landed the strikes . again the lift off. >> wow.


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